27 June 2011

meanwhile, 46 years later...

the dodgers are in town for the second time since the 1965 world series.  fleer reminded us in 1970 that the dodgers threw three shutouts (claude osteen and sandy koufax (twice)) against the twins in that fall classic.
it's unlikely that will happen this time, as the dodgers starters haven't been faring all that well lately.  still, i'll be at tonight's game - chad billingsley vs. nick blackburn - but i'll miss the ted lilly/brian duensing duel on tuesday.  hopefully, i'll be back at target field on wednesday to see rubby de la rosa take on scott baker.  it would have been nice to see kershaw, but displaced dodger fans can't necessarily be choosers.

the last time the blue crew was in town (2006), i dutifully went to all three games.  the dodgers came in to town in first place and left a game and a half back.  it was pretty embarrassing, as joe mauer went off and the twins swept the dodgers. 

forget the shutouts, i just want a win!


Anonymous said...

That card's on my wantlist.

Enjoy the losses, er, games!

Stealing Home said...

dude - u saw a great game tonight. if u gotta live in minn. u might as well be treated to a game like that. lord knows, we're not gettin em in LA.
long story short - discovered ur blog. i have some stuff u mentioned for trade. i have that 1995 clemente reprint, a couple vladis, and a cool shot of cal ripken right after his throw starts the double play.
i love all dodger cards, the older the better.
ur blog title is the infield i grew up with. cool.