04 June 2011

taking a bite out of the thorzul group breaks

i've picked up the dodgers in the last couple of thorzul breaks, and while my haul hasn't been stellar, i have received some decent cards - lots of shiny and some oldtimey, too.  first up are the 2003 donruss elite cards from the april break.

the crime dog, fred mcgriff
mcgriff had hit 30 home runs for the cubs in 2002, so i was fairly pleased with his signing going into the 2003 season (the dodgers and cubs essentially traded first basemen with the cubs acquiring eric karros in the todd hundley trade, part 2).  mcgriff wound up hitting only 13 home runs and his average dropped from .273 to .249.  i actually missed karros, who hit 12 homers but had a .286 average for the cubbies.

shawn green
green was coming off of back-to-back 40-home run seasons heading into '03.  he wound up with just 19 roundtrippers.  he hit a ton of doubles, and i figured his power was waning.  there were rumors about injury, but green played in 160 games.  his home run total ticked up the next season when he was moved to first base to replace mcgriff.

paul loduca
i am pretty pleased with myself that i never really got on the loduca bandwagon.  jim tracy was a fool.

odalis perez
i have a soft spot for odalis.  once at an interleague game against the angels in anaheim, i was sitting behind the dodger dugout and odalis was standing at the rail in front of us.  the guy next to me was jawing at him the whole game, but it turned out to be good-natured and odalis gave him a ball to give to one of the kids in my party.  nomar also threw us one after the third out was made at first and we got another ball somehow, which was nice since there were three kids in our group. 

the second box from the april break was 2005 topps retired.  i got johnny podres
which is nice.

in may, thorzul broke a fleer product from which i received no dodgers, and a box of 2006 upper deck sweet spot, from which sprung

cesar izturis
and nomar garciaparra
love the parking lot in the background.

my other team in may was the a's.  i got a few cards, including this milton bradley
bradley for ethier, straight up.  thanks billy.

in the earlier break, my second team was the astros.  my favorite card i received was this one, jr richard from the 2005 topps retired box
james rodney used to dominate the dodgers.  he was 15-4 against them lifetime, with 14 complete games and 5 shutouts in 24 starts.  in fact, after 1976, richard was 11-0 against the big blue wrecking crew. his last two starts against them in 1980 resulted in a 13-k 8 inning performance and a one-hit shutout with 12 strikeouts. i recall hearing an interview with burt hooton circa 1979 in which happy was (jokingly) complaining that he always seemed to be slotted to start against richard (i counted 6 times from 1977-1980).  who could blame him.

thanks for hosting, thorzul!

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