18 June 2010

a tale of one city

or, more precisely, one geographic area.  ('they live work and play in a town called la - west coast of the us of a...i love living in los angeles' - anyone else remember translator?)  anyway, it's an unlicensed 1997 card of lakers guard kobe bryant and a very young dodger prospect named adrian beltre from the scoreboard.
the back is chock full of information about the local sports scene in the four majors - baseball, basketball, football and hockey.
as you can see, there was plenty of futility for la area sports to go along with the triumphs through 1997 when this card was printed.  since then, there have been a few changes, most recently the lakers' nba championship won last night.  sadly, the dodgers' column doesn't get updated.  still, i figured it was worthwhile to update to reflect the current status of la sports.
first of all, two of the team names have changed.  we now have the 'los angeles angels of anaheim' and the 'anaheim ducks'.  they're both second fiddle teams, so who cares, right?  next, we have to update the latest championships for the angels (2002), the lakers (2010), and the ducks (2007).  sadly, no change for the dodgers or the kings.  or the clippers, but no one cares about them.  also, there is still no football in la.

the final change (i'm not going to research radio outlets, and the legendary athletes still make sense as does disneyland) is related to the stadiums.  the dodgers are the only ones who still play in the same place they did in 1997.  or, to clarify, the place in which they play still has the same name.  the angels' stadium has had two name changes since then (first edison field, now angels stadium of anaheim) and the ducks' home has been renamed 'honda center'.  the lakers, clippers, and kings all moved to the staples center in 1999.

i am hoping this card can be updated again in early november...


John said...

Los Angeles is the Largest American City where NBA Basketball IS KING. Sorry Trolly Dodgers.

night owl said...

As nice as it would be to see the Dodgers on a regular basis, I think the rest of L.A.'s sports interests would drive me crazy if I lived there.

NBA and college football? Bleah.