12 June 2010

off to the twins autograph party...

today is the twins' annual autograph party, and it's the first one to be held on the target plaza.  there's not as much room as there was around the metrodome, so it will be interesting how they place the big attractions (mauer and morneau).  me, i'm going for the easier bait.  while i'm standing in line, here are some recent twins through the mail successes for your perusal:

2004 upper deck legends timeless teams kent hrbek
herbie is scheduled to appear at the party, and i'll try to get his other card from this set signed.  he has recently been pretty accomodating through the mail, but this one came back a bit bent so i'll try the in person route.

2007 topps pat neshek
and 2010 topps pat neshek
neshek won't be there - he's rehabbing in florida, i believe.

1978 topps mike cubbage
a fairly recent ttm success, cubbage carried on the lee walls tradition of not looking like a ballplayer

1985 topps tom brunansky
and 1987 topps tom brunansky
tom is not scheduled to appear, and i wonder if it has anything to do with that crazy trade for tom herr.

1985 topps gary gaetti
and 1985 topps glossy send in gary gaetti
the rat is another one i would love to see at an event like this, but he is not on the list.  neither was dave goltz last year, so maybe there's hope...

1984 donruss juan berenguer
and 1992 upper deck juan berenguer (in dodger stadium)
senor smoke has a burrito stand in target field.  trenchcoat and briefcase optional.
1982 topps jeff reardon
1984 topps jeff reardon
1987 topps jeff reardon
1989 topps jeff reardon
1992 topps jeff reardon record breaker
and the 1992 topps base jeff reardon
the terminator delivered, although he won't be there today.  the vets that are on the list include hrbek, harmon killebrew, rod carew, jack morris, dan gladden, terry steinbach, john castino and others.  i'm hoping that bert blyleven and paul molitor show up, but we'll have to see.  wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I hope you get lots of quality autographs.

zman40 said...

Sounds like a good time and I hope you get a bunch.