23 June 2010

i'd recognize those muttonchops anywhere...

that's got to be george foster lurking in jack fimple's 1984 topps card, right?
this photo would be from either august 29, 1983 or august 30, 1983 when fimple caught each of the first games of back-to-back doubleheaders at shea.

fimple was one of the players the dodgers got from the indians in the rick sutcliffe deal.  he backed up scioscia and yeager, getting most of his playing time while scioscia was hurt in 1983.

foster played more games against the dodgers than any other team, and, while he didn't put up his best numbers when facing the dodgers (sorry atlanta), it sure seemed like it.  in 1978, the year i first really followed the dodgers, he hit .329 against the blue with 6 home runs and 16 rbi.  3 of those home runs came off of charlie hough and 2 were courtesy of don sutton.  for his career, foster hit more home runs off of bob welch (6) than anyone else.  also high on his hit list were sutton (5) and doug rau (5), so you'll understand why i get nervous seeing 'the destroyer' lurking on a dodger card.

watch out jack fimple!


Anonymous said...

I love cards where you can determine a photo date..or narrow it down to a couple possible dates. I've found a few in the '82 set so far.

John said...

How could I have missed Jack Fimple all these years. Nice detective work