14 June 2010

harmon killebrew in person success!

the day after the autograph party, i headed to a local sporting goods store to get harmon killebrew's autograph.  i chose his 2004 upper deck legends card, and it turned out pretty nice, even though it's on the small side.
250 autograph tickets were passed out at 10am, although i didn't know that would be the case in advance.  killebrew was only signing for an hour, and he can be kind of chatty so i showed up early and wound up getting a ticket pretty easily.

i got there at about 7:45 am and was maybe 50 people back. there were probably about 10 people that jumped the line between 7:45 and 10, including 3 people who showed up at 9:55 but apparently knew someone a few people ahead of me and just cut in. i said something but they just looked at me and didn’t seem to care. killer was nice as always and signed beautifully.

harmon is great, line jumpers suck.


night owl said...

You have more patience than I. I could never do that line-standing thing.

My Killebrew auto is small as well. Guess he writes small.

zman40 said...

He signed a couple of cards for me at the Rickwood Classic and the signature is much bigger on mine. You can see one of them at the bottom of this post.

gcrl said...

My other killebrew auto is larger. He adjusts it to the item he is signing apparently.

Rod (Padrographs) said...

Jim, that Lopes card is from a Padres/Upper Deck team issue from a few years ago. It was nice because all the coaches had their own cards.

Dennis said...

I met Mr. Killebrew about a month or so ago here in Toronto. He was super nice & talkative & didn't mind people taking pictures w/ him.
Really good experience with him.