26 June 2010

and look who's coming up...

apologies in advance for stealing vin's classic intro to kirk gibson's 1988 world series at bat, but i heard yesterday that the twins sent down infielder brendan harris to aaa, and called up former dodger jason repko.  it just so happens that jason recently signed and returned the 2006 upper deck card i sent him
i hope repko gets a shot, although the twins outfield is pretty well set with jason kubel/delmon young in left, denard span in center and michael cuddyer in right.  i am guessing this means that cuddyer will be playing more infield in the coming weeks, but even with him vacating a spot in the outfield, we have to remember that jim thome will get at-bats as the dh so kubel will likely play ahead of repko in the outfield on those days.  plus, repko is a true centerfielder, and span has that spot pretty well covered.

still, repko has been injured and rehabbed so much during his career that he deserves a healthy stretch.  in 2006 he was hitting over .300 as a key component of the dodgers' outfield rotation when he was injured and missed a couple of months.  when he returned, he wasn't as effective, nor was he used as regularly.  i remember that he hit a home run in his first at bat at dodger stadium (against the giants, no less), so he was instantly one of the guys you root for - kind of the dodgers' scrappy underdog.

thanks jason, and good luck in twins territory.

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