19 February 2012

seeing double

i recently completed a trade with the dimwit that had me seeing double.  i sent him a bunch of doubles from 1978, and he sent me some cool cards, some of which are shown below.  like this 1997 fleer ex-2000 hideo nomo card.
i'm showing the front and back because i find it interesting that fleer went to the trouble to reverse the lettering on nomo's jersey and cap, turning him into a lefty.  and then they removed the text/pattern from his glove label.  weird.

speaking of leftys, the package also included a pair of clayton kershaw cards from 2011 topps chrome.  his base
and a blue refractor!
that's a special kind of shiny.
here's a nice double play card from the same set, elvis andrus with buster posey from the 2010 world series
plus, there were some more double plays in duplicate sent my way - as in refractor and base - like starlin castro
sean rodriguez
and ian desmond
and, lest i forget, there was this 2011 topps insert - the 1953 topps 'lost card' of duke snider
thanks dimwit!

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