17 February 2012

dick gray dropped two big ones on the west coast

back in 1958, the newly relocated giants hosted the equally newly relocated dodgers to kick off the season.  playing in seals park, the giants blanked the dodgers in the opener.  in the second game of the season, dick gray hit the first home run in los angeles dodger history, and then a couple of days later, he hit the first dodger home run in the coliseum, again against the giants.  unfortunately, he wasn't around to christen dodger stadium, but he did get a card in topps' 1959 set.  and, he was kind enough to sign a copy of it for me.
although he was drafted by the brooklyn dodgers in 1952, gray spent two years in the military during the korean war, and didn't make his big league debut until the team had moved to la.  in fact, gray was also the first third baseman in la dodger history, making his major league debut on opening day 1958.  i guess he's kind of like the dodgers' version of doug ault.  the dodgers, however, traded gray to the cardinals during the 1959 season, and he made his final big league appearance for the redbirds in 1960.

gray also signed a note for me, thanking me for writing to him
well, i would say the same thing mr. gray - thank you for your service and for signing my card.

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