21 February 2012

chris potter and the order of the dodgers

late last year i decided to partake in a private signing organized by chris potter sports.  they had a laundry list of players who would be participating, and after much thought, i pared down my list of players to three.  although i know wish i had sent in a couple of cards for george scott.  anyway, it was three dodgers that made the cut.

i received my cards back the other day and i am very pleased.  here's duke sims and his awesomely fantastic 1971 o-pee-chee card:
along with his more conventional dodgers card, a 1972 topps.
apparently duke lives in vegas, and the chris potter guys went on a roadtrip.  they wound up taking duke out to see a show while they were there.  cool.

here's the only non-dodger card i sent in - a 1978 topps don stanhouse
of course, i also had stanhouse sign his 1981 topps card, and the inscription was free!
finally, i included a couple of cards for bill sudakis - his 1969 topps rookie
and his 1970 topps card.
i've had a ttm success with ted sizemore in the past, but i'm not sure if i will send the card above out or not.

my experience, the first i've had with chris potter sports, was a good one.  i will definitely be on the lookout for more signings that they host, although i probably won't go in on the current one - i can't quite bring myself to pony up the $185 for dr. mike marshall to sign a 1974 topps traded card.


Paul said...

I have only good things to say about Chris Potter Sports too.

Like you, I'm passing on good ole' Dr. Mike Marshall - if I had some legitimate expectation of being able to obtain an autograph from everyone else who ever played for the Mets, maybe I could bring myself to spend $185 to get him to sign a card...

Orioles Magic said...

Yep, Chris has helped me knock a few Orioles off my list over the past few years.

And I'm glad I don't need Marshall, what a sham!

MrMopar said...

When I first joined facebook, I friended Duke Sims along with a dozen or so 60s-80s players. I messaged him once and he answered a question, but it just felt weird. I later purged my friend list and all baseball players got cut except Ron Kittle and Warren Cromartie. I have never asked Ron for anything, I hear his a great TTM guy, just don't expect him to sign your 1984 Topps card, but I did ask Warren if I could send along some items. He gave me a PO box address, but after sending the items and waiting a long time and several messages to him asking if he would return the items (signed or not), I finally got him to answer me that the package apparently was stolen from his residence!

So much for using FB to get autographs for this guy!!