20 February 2012

the dumbing down of the stats on the back

i mentioned earlier today that i picked up a 2012 topps dodger team lot a couple of weeks ago.  i spent some time looking at the backs as i am sure all of you do as well, and i must say i am disappointed in topps.  look at the back of matt kemp's 2011 topps card
i don't really need the inset photo - i'm looking more at the stat headers.  these are the offensive stats i have become accustomed to seeing on the backs of cards. now look at the back of kemp's 2012 topps card
aside from the awesomeness of the italicized league leader stats, i am disappointed in topps.  not only does kemp get two columns for triples (uer, anyone?), but slugging percentage which to me has always been abbreviated as 'slg' is now 'sp'.  what's even worse are the walks which to everyone have been shortened as 'bb' are now listed as 'w'.  good grief.
now let's compare a pitcher's back.  here's new mariner hong-chih kuo's 2011 topps back
very nice, although i am one that could use games started as a stat on the back.  why have complete games and shutouts without knowing how many games a guy has started?  now here's the 2012 back
ack! two columns with a 'w' header?  ridiculous.  bring back 'bb'!  also, i note that saves are now just 's' instead of 'sv'.  i suppose i can live with that.

i said earlier that i didn't mind losing the photo on the back, and i meant it.  now that topps gives two cards to the rookie cup recipients, however, that photo on the back may have been the only way to tell the backs apart.  i'll show you what i mean.  here's dee gordon's base card - a nice double play shot, but not as nice as his 2011 update card
now here's his rookie cup card
whee!  that's fun to have two cards for no real good reason.  anyway, on to the backs.  they are identical.  or are they?  here's the base back
and here's the rookie cup back.
even the copy is the same.  why bother with two cards if the backs are the same.  and, if you are going to have the same exact stuff on the back (except for the card number), why in the world does one card have the two triple columns and the other have the correct category headings?

try harder topps.

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moremonkeys138 said...

The "3B" errors on the 2012's occur on every position player card that isn't horizontal, a rookie or a rookie cup. Why? I have zero idea but that's now it worked out. I'm not a fan of the dumbing down of the stats either. They've been that way since the beginning, why change them now?