28 February 2012

ron perranoski made things tough

last year i decided to try to finish a few 1960 topps dodger team sets.  i knew that there were a bunch of koufax and drysdale cards to worry about, but i didn't give much thought to the dodgers' lefty reliever ron perranoski.  i was wrong to underestimate him.  you see, it took me quite a while to land his 1961 rookie card seen below at a decent price,
not because it's his rookie card necessarily, but because it's number 525 in the set.  that's high number territory.  but, i eventually picked it up for a price i was comfortable with.

his 1963 card was much much easier
because it's only number 403 in the set.  that's not rarified air.

same for his 1965 card,
number 484 in the set.  i think it only set me back a few bucks. 

but then there is his 1966 card.  it's number 555 in the set.
that's bad news.  the vintage bargain bin guy told me at a show last year that he had only owned a few in his career, and that he had a couple of standing requests from some customers for one.  even now, there's only one on ebay with a bin of $123.74.  i got lucky and picked mine up for a steal on the bay a few months ago, spending less than $20 on it if i recall correctly.  it's not mint, but it was by far the cheapest i had seen one go for in the months that i spent watching auctions.  now, of course, there have been some recent copies that have sold for as little as $6.74.  maybe the vintage bargain bin guy has been doing some shopping.

oh well, perranoski is put to bed, and i need just a few more cards to complete many of my 1960's dodger team sets, with 1968 and 1969 already finished.  i'm coming for you, 1966 willie davis high number!

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