02 April 2011

happy bday to a pair of dodgers from the team of my youth

i remember during the late '90's there was a lot of talk about how jeff bagwell and frank thomas were born on the same exact day.  two hall of famers sharing the same birthday is kind of interesting, but the 1978 dodgers (actually from 1977 through 1980) had a similar thing going on.

both don sutton and reggie smith were born on april 2, 1945.  to celebrate, i will direct you back to a recent post i wrote about sutton, and show you my perfect 1976 topps reggie smith card that he was kind enough to sign and return to me a while back.
as an aside, you might notice that the header and blog name are back to normal.  'garvey cey russell sax'
has gone the way of other unnoticed april fools jokes, not that i don't love me some steve sax.  he really was my favorite player once garvey went to san diego.  still, i prefer to focus on the longest tenured infield in major league history.

happy birthday don and reggie!

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Bo said...

Don't know if you saw it but in my interview with David Skeels yesterday he had some nice things to say about your blog.