04 April 2011

a managerial evolutionary update

don mattingly has officially become the ninth man to serve as manager of the dodgers in my lifetime.  that means it's time to update my previous 'evolution of the manager' post.

don mattingly (2011-?)
donnie baseball was victorious in his first two games as manager, but was pounded in his third game.  the wins probably had more to do with the play of clayton kershaw and matt kemp, but the loss i think could be pinned more squarely on the managers' shoulders.  in game 3 of the season, even though it was a saturday day game following a night game, mattingly trotted out the following lineup:
aaron miles - 3b
ivan dejesus - 2b
andre ethier - rf
matt kemp - cf
james loney - 1b
hector gimenez - c
xavier paul - lf
jamey carroll - ss
i feel for ted lilly.  if that is our regular sunday lineup, we are in trouble.  i didn't even realize miles and gimenez were on the team.

anyway, mattingly is now a member of a pretty cool club, one that features some pretty good managers.  here's hoping he becomes one of them.


steelehere said...

I went to that game and really got angry when I realized Aaron Miles was on the team because they already have an under-sized utility infielder with no power in Jamey Carroll.

Reivax said...

That's a pretty amazing comment on Dodgers managers. I was 31 years old when Bill Russell took over in mid-summer 1996. That's 31 years of just Walter and Tommy, and Walter was manager for a good 10 years before I was even born!