06 April 2011

like sands through the hourglass, these are the cards i received from crinkly wrappers

the title of this post doesn't make sense, really except for the fact that there was a jerry sands card inlcuded in the bounty i received from crinkly wrappers recently.  or, if you consider the transient nature of our existence in time and my relatively brief hold on these cards that make up my collection perhaps there is some truth to the title.  who cares.  let's see some cards.

howzabout a 1954 topps rube walker?
that's alberto, actually.  i wonder if rube is kind of like roberto clemente being referred to as bobby later in the decade.  here's rube's manager, walter alston, on his 1964 topps card.
walt looks fairly worried for a guy whose team just swept the yankees in the world series.  of course, walter o'malley kept him on a string of one-year contracts, so maybe worried is exactly what alston was.

1985 donruss bobby welch
in dodger stadium, with some fans from the 1974 topps set.  man, was i a bob welch fan.  from late in the 1978 season through 1987 i really enjoyed watching him pitch.  it's amazing how much loyalty can be bought by saving game 2 of the 1978 world series by striking out the most hated player on your least favorite team.  thanks bobby.

2008 upper deck takashi saito star attraction
i think card companies have learned their lesson.  hideo nomo was an anomaly.  thanks to nomo's fantastic performance in 1995, i have suffered through a ridiculous number of kaz ishii cards, including many short prints.  thankfully, there are fewer cards of saito and even less of hiroki kuroda. 

here's a 1996 fleer flair greg gagne card
gagne was entered into the twins' hall of fame last year.  this year the inductee is jim perry.  not long before brad radke, scott leius and butch wynegar get the call, i guess. 

another shortstop, cesar izturis on a 2003 upper deck first pitch card
seizure is still playing, i believe.  he is the classic 1970s style shortstop and must rue the day that cal ripken altered our perception of that position.

yet another shortstop, although he moved to first base when he joined the dodgers, it's nomar garciaparra on a 2006 fleer tradition card
looks like nomar forgot his red sweatband and is wearing blue instead.  luckily it's only a spring training game.
here's another 2006 fleer tradition card, this one belongs to tim hamulack
i like to say 'hamulack' like yoda, as in 'nice this easter buffet is, but ham-u-lack'.  thank you, i'm here all week.

finally, here is the 2010 bowman chrome jerry sands card
at 6'-4", 225 pounds, sands hit 35 home runs in the minors last year (a/aa) and may well make the club next year.  he tore it up this spring, and is the reigning dodger minor leaguer of the year.  i can't wait to see him in left or at third next year.  take note that dodgerbobble already predicted roy honors for sands in 2012.  here's hoping!

thanks ted!

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Bo said...

If Joe Orsulak was a Dodger - your canoe is fine for boating, but oars you lack.