03 April 2011

todd hollandsworth through the mail successes!

the dodgers are in the midst of their longest stretch without having a rookie of the year ever.  jackie robinson won the very first award in 1947 (when there was just one award), and don newcombe won the first ever national league roy award two years later in 1949.  since then, the dodgers had never gone more than 9 years without one of their players winning the honor, and they've had consecutive winners 3 different times.  the last time around, they had 5 straight winners - eric karros, mike piazza, raul mondesi, hideo nomo and todd hollandsworth.

hollandsworth is the last dodger to receive the award, and he somewhat narrowly edged out edgar renteria in 1996 to do so. he also took the time to sign and return three cards for me over the past couple of years.  here's his 1996 topps card,
his 1998 topps card,
and his 2000 fleer tradition card
todd was traded to colorado during the 2000 season, and i was happy to see him win a ring with the marlins in 2003.

strangely enough, i have sent him his 1997 topps card (with the rookie cup) a couple of times in between these successes, and he for whatever reason hasn't sent that one back.  that's ok - i don't need the rookie cup to remember the last dodger to win the rookie of the year.

i just wish ned had given kemp a shot to play a full season as a rookie instead of signing lofton and jones and screwing up any chance he had at the award.  this year i guess i am rooting for ivan dejesus jr to win a starting spot and dethrone that giant from his roy perch.

thanks holly!

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dodgerbobble said...

Jerry Sands 2012.

Nice Holly autos BTW.