21 April 2011

wards of the league

bud is in control.
which way will the dodgers go?  as the expos/nationals from montreal to washington via puerto rico, or as the rangers who made the world series in their year of turmoil?  my guess, sadly, is that mccourt will fight and a fire sale will commence.  maybe matt kemp will enjoy his visit to target field in june enough to stick around?

it will be nice to see attendance pick up again, assuming that the ticket holders come back once frank is out.
but who knows how long that will take?  frank's favortie game - litigation - will take years.  with the rangers, hicks was an eager seller, and with the expos, there was no owner to get in the way.  i'm not sure what bud's exit strategy is, but i really hope this is a surgical strike and not a drawn out quagmire.  giggity.

[thanks for the 1966 topps ruboff, dfg.]

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