30 March 2011

bringing garvey back

last year, topps included steve garvey in their 'cards your mother threw out' series by reprinting his 1971 rookie card:
although the back was a bit too limey-green
still, it was nice to see a garvey card, and after topps' 2009 tribute card i was darn happy it showed him as a dodger.  then i remembered the 2009 topps update ring of honor card which also showed him as a dodger and i thought maybe, just maybe, topps had forgotten garvey was a padre once and for all.  i was quickly reminded that, no, they hadn't.  they also produced manufactured bat barrel cards for the garv in 2010 update, showing him as a padre.
they even had a nice looking black barrel version
then along comes 2011 topps series 1, and i find that topps reprinted his 1985 card
again with a too-bright green back
is this really the best example of 1985 that topps could think of?  why not show off his fantastic 1974 card, or 1978 or even 1981?

my disappointment was quickly tempered as i discovered that there was a relic card in the set, and it featured the nl iron man as a dodger
i overpaid for it, i was so happy.

i guess this means that next year topps will reprint a garvey card from his dodger days and then give us a swatch of brown jersey from his time with the friars.

i suppose it could be worse - they could do as in the game did in their 2011 heroes and prospects and not refer to a team at all.
whatever, i'm still buyin'.


steelehere said...

Kudos on getting all of recent Garvey cards. I've been waiting myself on the 2010 inserts until the initial bidding frenzy dies down.

MrMopar said...

Sadly, your last comment describes me to a tee! The Panini and now these new unlicensed cards are plain ugly! I almost wish that the Garvey cards would stop...almost!