18 March 2011

the geese are leese

it's that time of year when we start to see birds returning to the twin cities.  i've seen some ducks around the last couple of days and it won't be long before the geese are back.  geese are not afraid of cars, by the way. 

anyhoo, the thought of this migration pattern repeating again reminded me of some geese in my collection - specifically, a 1982 granny goose a's davey lopes card
that is oh so different from the 1983 granny goose a's davey lopes card
seriously, though, i do like these cards.  the dodgers were lacking regional issues in the '80's.  the only ones i can think of are the lapd sets, and those were unfortunately sized more like postcards.  sure, eventually the dodgers got mother's cookies and then keebler to make sets but the infielders were gone by then.

here's another goose i have in my collection. it's a 1978 topps goose gossage card that i got signed through the mail last year.
at least these geese don't crap all over the sidewalk.

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