19 March 2011

son of fletch - as far as you know.

i don't know if darrin fletcher's father's name was irwin m. fletcher, but i do know that i was happy to receive my cards back in the mail, signed by the former dodger backstop.  he signed his 1990 topps debut 89 card
and his strangely glorious 1990 score card
hold on a sec while i do the pick and roll
much better.  fletcher left los angeles in a trade with the phillies after having played in just a handful of games as a dodger.  he went on to play for the expos and blue jays in a fairly productive career.

still, all i can think of when i see his cards are gummy, fat sam, marvin and velma up in provo, gail stanwyck, and the underhills.  the underhills?  they are left senor.  yes, but they'll be back - he just went out for his urinalysis.

thanks fletch!

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