16 March 2011

it's time for another round of 'why did i scan this card?'

i don't recall why i scanned it.  was there some 'knock-em dead' post idea that has since escaped the confines of my rapidly depleting memory?  i don't know.  and that's the problem.  so, why did i scan this 1975 topps '74 victory leaders card?
  1. it's a mini - can't you tell?
  2. it features 3 hall of famers.  and one dodger.  this was a source of frustration for me growing up.  there were no dodger sure fire hall of famers in the 70's, even though i thought garvey was a lock. 
  3. it's the first league leader card to feature a dodger since 1972.  not that i noticed.  it did seem like forever though between 1977 and 1981.
  4. the american league is evil, what with their mustaches and in-stadium photos.  the national league is full of good guys!
  5. andy messersmith is disrespected, as only his first initial is given.
  6. half of each league's victory leaders made it to the world series.
  7. and in that world series, messersmith was 0-2 and catfish hunter was 1-0 with a save.
  8. wins are overrated, but an easy way for topps to identify folks to put on a card.
  9. andy messersmith was a double dipper, and i was going to use this card to illustrate his initial tour of duty in la.
it's probably that last one, but i would entertain any other thoughts you may have.


Nathan said...

10. To make a "why did I scan this card" post


gcrl said...

I failed to mention that it's been in the scanned folder for a long time, but who's to say whether I left it there for so long for the purpose of this post or not.

Johngy said...

You wrote that there were no sure HOFers in the 70's. As a Dodgers fan and baseball fan in general, what did you think of Sutton? I'm just curious as to your opinion on him in the HOF then and now.