31 March 2011

stop me if you've seen this one before

does this card look familiar?
it's a 1978 hostess ron cey card.  thank goodness for the neighbors who would buy twinkies and ding dongs for their kids.  otherwise i never would have seen these cards.  i remember when i first saw this particular card and actually wasn't sure if i wanted it.  that's because it was so similar to the penguin's 1978 topps card (sans the ttm auto)
that i didn't see the point in owning two ron cey cards.  imagine that.  now i collect cards of retired players that recycle the same photo or are different colored parallels.  in the end, it's not the same photo just a picture from the same roll, so i went for it.

a year later, i was a bit relieved to see cey's 1979 hostess card
since it was nothing like his 1979 topps card (which has since been signed by cey)
i will refrain from making the obvious 'two birds with one stone' joke, simply because i can't figure out how to set it up.  i'll just blatantly make the comment that cey's 1979 topps card features a peacock and a penguin and leave it at that.

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