11 December 2010

doug mientkiewicz in person auto success! with bonus tommy lasorda info!

a few months ago, minky made an appearance at one of the monthly local card shows.  autos were $7 per, and although he had signed a few cards for me through the mail gratis, i no longer knew where to send his cards after he was released by the dodgers and then the marlins organization.  so, i ponied up - especially since there was now an official card showing mientkiewicz as a dodger.  but i didn't just get his 2010 upper deck card signed,
i also got his 2004 topps card autographed.
i love that card.  it's horizontal. it's got the superamerica logo.  it's got the horrible metrodome elevated seating.  what's not to love?  plus it's his last card as a twin as he was traded mid-season to the eventual world series champion boston red sox. 

when it was my turn, i told doug i had wished he were still playing for the dodgers instead of ga.  he laughed and agreed.  i also asked him for some tommy stories from the 2000 olympics.  he said that tommy didn't know anyone's name, got the team into a fight at a casino, and was pretty gassy.  actually, i think eric karros said tommy was gassy, but mientkiewicz said the other stuff.  he also said they were making a movie based on the olympic team, but it was being delayed due to financing.  can't wait to see paul giamatti as lasorda (that's my choice - i have no idea who is cast in the movie).

btw, mientkiewicz's ring from the 2004 world series was huge.

thanks doug! 

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dodgerbobble said...

Very nice! I love Eyechart.

BTW, that's a very interesting signature.