24 December 2010

christmas cards

thanks to emerald city diamond gems for sending me a christmas card with cards inside!

the mick!  no, not mantle.  hatcher. 
on a 1981 donruss card with a photo taken in wrigley field. how original.

1986 topps tom niedenfuer
i recently read and article about niedenfuer that included such key information as the fact that he has two daughters with his wife, former playboy covergirl judy landers.  tom, all is forgiven.
1986 topps steve sax
even though he was my favorite dodger post-garvey, sax doesn't get much play on my blog.  i'll see if i can't rectify that in 2011.

1987 baseball's all-time greats duke snider
i haven't heard anything about the duke for a while.  he has apparently stopped signing ttm so i hope everything is ok.

2010 upper deck biography clayton kershaw
it's pretty badass to walk off the field and look back in the direction of the visiting dugout.  i am hoping that he's staring down some random giant who just had his knees lock courtesy of kershaw's uncle charlie.

2010 upper deck dodgers checklist featuring kershaw and matt kemp
here's to better days ahead.

thanks larry!  merry christmas!

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