28 December 2010

colletti trades a hu

hu will be on first (at some point in 2011) for the mets as ned traded him for a middling lefty prospect.  i am left with these three 2007 bowman draft picks and prospects cards - base, chrome, and thick gold parallel.
hu will likely back up jose reyes at short while ruben tejada bides his time in aaa.  i know it's a small sample size, but hu performs better in odd seasons, so maybe the mets will reap some benefits from the deal.

this means that we will either see juan castro or perhaps ivan dejesus jr next year on the bench with jamey carroll.  yeah, i'm yawning, too.


Bo said...

I was listening to WFAN and they said, "Sandy Alderson makes his first Mets trade. And who did the Mets get? Exactly, Hu!"

Paul said...

You're being kind by calling Mike Antonini a prospect. I met him when he was playing for Binghamton, and he seemed like a nice guy... just not sure he'll ever make it to the major leagues.