18 December 2010

they want my double d!

no, it's no 1971 cookie rojas.  it's a 1958 don demeter card of which i write.  perhaps it is the oddity of a double chin on a baseball card, but it seems that america has become caught up in don demeter fever.  i unlocked a 1960 indians coaches card from the topps mcg site a couple of weeks ago, and quickly put it up for trade for some late 50's dodgers that i needed.  someone obliged me, and gave up their 1958 don demeter card.

that particular demeter, though it is his 'rookie card', is not scarce.  there are several on ebay right now that are going for cheap.  still, i have been bombarded by offers for it.  let's have a look.
but wait, there's more! (thank you, don pardo).  yes, two more offers were made after i first did a screen capture.
nothing older than the demeter has been offered, but i appreciate the effort with the multi-card offers, except maybe the one with the 1980 card in it.  i myself pulled off a multi-card trade last week when i bundled a 1982 ellis valentine and a 1989 alan trammell for a 1981 era leaders card.  of course, i also panicked when i pulled a 1989 robin ventura and wound up with a 1990 tommy lasorda which is ridiculous because i didn't really need it.

anyway, i digress.  back to demeter.  i would be willing to let him go, even for a newer card. how about a 1961 ron perranoski or roger craig?  1958 trumps 1961, right?  right.  i have a feeling i'll be having double chin don delivered to me soon, along with his mcg buddies that i have accumulated.  stay tuned.

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night owl said...

I have the 1959 Don Demeter on the MCG site, also acquired in a MCG trade, also the same photo, also the subject of many trade requests, also none of them reasonable.