26 December 2010

you're a nice one, mr grich

i went to a few angels games growing up and watched some on tv.  after frank tanana and don baylor, the guy i liked the most on those teams was bobby grich.  he was an infielder and a pretty decent player - not flashy but got the job done.

he was kind enough to sign and return a couple of cards for me over the course of the last few months.  here's his 1978 topps card
with a photo taken somewhere on the great plains, apparently.  note that he's listed as a shortstop.  that's because he switched from second base when he went to the angels (they had jerry remy at second), even though he had been an all-star second baseman for the orioles.  speaking of which, here's his 1976 topps card
grich eventually moved back to second base for the angels as they got rid of remy and moved dave chalk to short in 1978 before acquiring bert campaneris, freddie patek and even rick burleson to man the 6 in the following years.

here's to you bobby grich!

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