06 September 2010

they came, they saw, they moved on

nick green was a dodger for 5 glorious games in may this season.  that's enough to warrant a 2010 goose joak original, since topps total isn't coming around anytime soon.
green went 1 for 8 in those 5 games with an rbi and 2 strikeouts.  he was released in june, picked up by the blue jays who released him in july, and he's now the property of the padres.  one more team and he ties dave kingman.

we had high hopes for james mcdonald, and at this point it's hard to believe we traded him for octavio dotel.
mcdonald was 0-1 in 4 games (1 start) for the dodgers this year.  he's doing better (relatively) in pittsburgh, and his walks are down so maybe there's hope.  i feel badly for the guy because he found out about the trade by watching espn in the clubhouse before a game.  ned forgot to tell him, i guess.

remember ramon ortiz as a dodger?
ortiz appeared in 16 games for the dodgers during april and may of this year.  he was 1-2 with a 6.30 era and had two spot starts (his last two appearances as a dodger) that went bad.  he was released, picked up by the mets, released again, and is now in tampa bay or wherever the rays keep 6th starters.

yes, there was a jack taschner sighting at dodger stadium this year.
taschner was with the pirates at the beginning of the season, but became a free agent in june and was picked up by the dodgers.  in his 3 appearances as a dodger, taschner faced 6 batters, recorded one out and walked 3 while giving up a single run.  he was released in early august.

their tenures may have been short, and their performance subpar, but they were dodgers, dangit, and these goose joak originals are the proof! 


Johngy said...

Wow, I missed the Taschner LA Experience. Jack was really cool when I interviewed him in NY.

dodgerbobble said...

Ramon Ortiz, one of two Ortizes that stunk it up for the Dodgers this year. Have you made a Russ Ortiz Goose Joak?

James McDonald and Andrew Lambo for Octavio Dotel was just another stupid trade in a long list of stupid trades by Ned Colletti.