02 September 2010

past and future dodgers from stats on the back

i recently took advantage of stats on the back's great giveaway, coming away with some nice vintage stuff of some past and future dodgers.  here are a few of the cards i received:

1968 topps al downing
at this point, al was a future dodger.  he had to go through oakland and milwaukee to get there, but he made it.  just in time for his best season, too.

1969 topps jimmie hall
not a dodger at all, but a former twin who faced the dodgers in the 1965 world series.  good guy, too.

1971 topps jerry reuss
another future dodger.  he would be an astro and an all star in pittsburgh before joining the dodgers where he no-hit the giants.  and won a world championship.

1972 topps fred norman
fred was a past dodger in 1972.  he was a dodger for just a short time in 1970 and eventually wound up in cincinnati where he would win a couple of rings.

1974 topps dodgers checklist
featuring ronald cey, bill russell, and david e lopes.  no steve garvey, though.  thomas john and william joseph buckner make an appearance, though.

1975 topps tommy davis
tommy had been everywhere, man, since he left the dodgers in the late '60's.  there were the mets, white sox, pilots, astros, a's, cubs, back to the a's, back to the cubs, then the orioles which would be followed by the angels and finally the royals.

there was also some junk wax - 1988 donruss, to be exact - in my package.  here's a nice dodger stadium shot of greg mathews
featuring 'the people behind the fence', and an orel hershiser card
thanks mark!

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