08 September 2010

team collector dilemma - the rick honeycutt chronicles, volume 2

volume 1 of the rick honeycutt team collector dilemma was a slam dunk.  i'm not too sure about this one.  it's his 1988 score card:
he's a dodger, right?  well, look at the back:
honeycutt was traded to the a's late in the 1987 season for a player that turned out to be tim belcher.  not a bad deal for the dodgers.  while score was able to get a head shot of him in an a's cap, they chose to use a action shot of honeycutt still in a dodgers' uniform.  couple that with the lack of a team affiliation on the front of the score card, and you see the dilemma.  my take is that it's a dodger card.

these days, honeycutt is the dodgers' pitching coach
so that makes things easy.

here's to you, rick honeycutt, as long as i can tell which team you're on!

1 comment:

Paul said...

It's a Dodger card. There's no way you could display it with an A's team set unless you put them all in the binder backwards. :)

Imagine how much we'd all be fussing about it if Topps made a card like that one now. :)