20 September 2010

an open letter to ed goodson

dear mr goodson

i'm not here to beg, but i would really really really appreciate it if you would sign a copy of your 1978 topps card for me.
you see, i am a big fan of the dodgers' 1977 and 1978 teams, and the 1978 topps set is really the ultimate set in my opinion. it's the first set i collected after falling in love with the dodgers and the game during the 1977 season.

about a year and a half ago, i set out to collect an autographed 1978 topps dodger team set - preferably via through the mail requests. i have been quite successful in that time, getting most of your teammates to sign a card through the mail, along with a couple of them done in person (thanks to a couple of helpers), and have had to resort to acquiring only a handful of signed cards via ebay.

in all, i have the entire team set signed, with the exception of the late glenn burke and yourself. i even have 3 copies of the team card signed by red adams, mark cresse, and boog powell. a fourth copy is hopefully going to be signed by john hale, the last of the surviving people on the card that don't have their own (dodgers) card in the 1978 topps set.

i know 1977 wasn't your best season, and that it must have been difficult and/or frustrating to be relegated to pinch hitter status, but you did have a game winning home run against the braves that year and it didn't go unnoticed to this fan.

i sent a couple of cards to you about a year ago care of the dodgers as well as using a home address found online with no success. i am going to send another card to you via the dodgers, along with a donation, and i hope this one will make it back to me.  pretty please?

thank you in advance and congratulations on your career.

here's to you ed goodson!


MrMopar said...

I need that one too! Damn those non-signers!

Bo said...

Have you tried going through his son's baseball school, where he sometimes teaches?

The website actually has a forum on it and he is a member - I suppose you could try joining the forum and asking him if he will sign for you, or maybe just send him a link to the open letter.

MrMopar said...

I wouldn't count on him responding through that message board. Of his 3 posts, the last one was in March!