15 September 2009

i heart (cards from) halos

rwh from i heart halos recently sent me a bunch of dodgers in return for some cards featuring those angels of anaheim - it was an interleague/freeway series trade!

here are some highlights:

2006 bowman chrome nomar garciaparra xfractor 182/250

can't top the checkerboard! reminds me of vans and junior high. so sad to see nomar making spot starts. the twinkie announcers were talking like he was dead over the weekend.

1995 upper deck collector's choice se darren dreifort rookie class
little d was the personification of 'tremendous upside'. injuries suck.

1982 donruss ken landreaux once traded for rodney cline carew, this man caught the final out of the first dodgers' world championship of my lifetime.

1986 topps terry whitfield
i always wondered why the dodgers brought whitfield back from japan instead of re-signing dusty or reggie or even rick monday. i also wondered what that guy off his right hip was wearing and what he was doing in the dugout.

1989 topps mini leaders john tudor i believe tudor led the league in being traded for pedro guerrero.

1990 topps mini leaders jay howell this set is even less attractive in mini style.

2009 topps walmart black angel berroathis card is bad ass. like shaft playing shortstop.

2008 upper deck timeline chin-lung hu not as dark as the walmart card, but it scans that way. another need from my timeline quest taken care of.

2007 topps finest jason schmidt refractor 109/199

hm. stick with the blue refractors, especially for the dodgers.

thanks rwh! see you in the fall classic!

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RWH said...

Glad I could finally get these to you. Thanks again for the massive amount of Halos you sent my way.