30 September 2009


inspired by night owl's recent post, i offer up a few of my favorite - or at least interesting - hair cards. first, it's john henry johnson's 1984 fleer card.nice hair. looks like a chia pet. cool that someone's in the dugout using a bat as a lap guitar, but the most perplexing part about this card is the fan just off of j.h.j.'s left shoulder. is it pat? whoever it is, it's sporting the same hairdo as j.h.j. which is fantastic, by the way.

next, it's ivan calderon's 1992 upper deck card.clearly mr. calderon is a fan of the simpsons, and was trying to get into george steinbrenner's favor by going for the don mattingly 'no sideburns' look.

similar to the j.h.j., here's ross grimsley on his 1978 topps card.the 1978 set is rife with fantastic hair. just take a look at the next card.

it's a rookie outfielders card apparently, rick bosetti didn't get the 'mustache and muttonchop' memo.

now if only i could dig up that 1986 topps pete vuckovich...

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