02 September 2009

trolling for opc, no problem

i recently received some needed 2009 upper deck o-pee-chee from both the collective troll and marie at a cardboard problem. let's have a looksie.

ben zobrist extreme studio closeup. whose idea was it to use these tightly cropped shots?

kerry wood.
kinda creepy. again, ud missed a chance to do opc correctly and show wood in a cubs uni.
cc sabathia.
he reminds me of a cosby kid in this photo.

cody ross.
a former dodger. i like the black borders, and make no distinction between them and the white borders when trying to complete a set. useless parallels, i thumb my nose at you!

oscar salazar
i think this card would look pretty sweet, in a halloween sort of way, with the black borders.
aaron rowand
so what if he's a giant, at least he doesn't use the eye-black stickers.

justin morneau
he gets the dark, ominous background. still, i would prefer a game action shot.
julio lugo
another former dodger. here, lugo looks like that martian guy from the flintstones. just add some antennae.

zach duke.
why so stern?
adam laroche.
see? the on-field shots are so much better.

bobby jenks
i'm not a fan of the chin only scruff. especially the matt clement/lead singer from anthrax variety.

atlanta braves checklist
i guess this is 'the ted'. you would think they could have waited until the bottom of the inning so that the player on the scoreboard wasn't an nl east rival. do you think hanley ramirez super collectors go after this card and all its variations?

thanks to both of you for the cards - my want list is dwindling thanks to you!

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Tony said...

CC kind of looks like Theo Huxtable.