22 September 2009

cecil cooper through the mail success!

it took only about 3 weeks for cecil cooper to sign and return these two cards. i mentioned a few posts ago that i have been branching out my ttm activities to include others from the 1978 topps set - usually either guys who also have dodger cards from other years, or cards from the set that i really like. cooper falls into the latter category.his 1978 card is kind of similar to the toby harrah/bob watson look where topps couldn't quite fit all of him in the picture. i also love the mustard sanitaries.

his 1984 donruss also features the baby blues.nuff said.

it seems appropriate to post these now, as cooper was dismissed yesterday by the astros. he was nice enough to sign and personalize these cards, offering me 'best wishes'. now, i do the same.

best wishes, cecil. and thanks.


capewood said...

Cecil will have lots of time for signing autographs. As an Astro's fan I can[t say I'm sorry to see him go. Bring on Jeff Bagwell.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Diggin' the 78. That's a great card, and a great auto!