02 August 2009

some recent non-dodger through the mail successes!

i don't mean to belittle the fine gentlemen that have signed and returned the various cards i have sent out recently simply because they are not dodgers, but i am going to lump a few of them together in one post. bear with me.

here's a former dodger, don zimmer.1978 topps are good for autos, i think. this one is pretty beaten up, and it was that way before i sent it. zim has a quick turnaround - about 10 days or so.

bryn smith is in dodger stadium on this 1990 donruss.he was quick, too. about a week or so.

1976 topps boog powell.night owl sent me this card for my 1976 set, and i had upgraded shortly thereafter, so i sent this off to boog's bbq shack at camden yards.

jim bouton asked for a $5 donation to a charity (i forget what it was now).
i have an autographed copy of 'ball four' and was hoping for a 'smoke em inside' inscription. anyway, it's a nice auto and a quick turnaround.


night owl said...

Glad I could help you get Boog's autograph. Or as we said as kids:


Carl Crawford Cards said...

The Boog and the Zimmer are really sweet. Congrats on the success!