13 August 2009

the new sherrill in town

as everyone knows by now, the dodgers acquired lefty george sherrill from the orioles at the trade deadline which was two weeks ago. that means i have been derelict in my duty to create a 2009 goose joak original. well, no longer.

this gives the dodgers perhaps the best one-two/lefty-righty punch since the 1977 pirates (!) had terry forster and goose gossage going.

please note that i spent exactly twenty-nine seconds thinking of a similar bullpen duo, so feel free to comment on others that i have overlooked. i just really wanted to acknowledge the pirates for doing something right.

1 comment:

MattR said...

I hate acknowledging Yankees, but there's Sparky Lyle and Goose Gossage (78 Yanks).

How about Rawly Eastwick and Will McEnaney (75 Reds)?