07 August 2009

hello larry! to both of you!

reader larry offered to help with my 2009 topps needs and to also send along some dodgers in a trade recently. he came through big-time!

here's a sampling of what i received:

we'll start with a different larry - larry burright and his 1962 topps card.a quick check of baseball reference shows that larry played for the dodgers in 1962 before going to the mets in 1963. he played a handful of games in 1964 and was done. he hit all four of his career home runs, including one inside the park job, as a dodger.

here's one of the 2009 topps - a david murphy.with a josh hamilton sighting!

a 2007 upper deck ramon martinez (ii).his bat looks to be defective.

1985 leaf orel hershiser.you can't have too many green leafy cards.

1997 pinnacle denny's jackie robinson.and a 2009 topps career best jackie robinson.i've seen some of the 1959 topps style 'jackie as a giant' cards from the national up on ebay. i have no desire to buy one though.

1967 topps world series game 4.this is how sandy koufax's career ended. with brooks robinson several feet in the air.

1999 topps gallery raul mondesi.i didn't realize that ra-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul put his number on the tongue of his shoes. kind of like grrranimals, but with numbers, i guess.

thanks again larry! let's do it again.

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