06 August 2009

i am joe (mauer) collector

while it is true, i do collect post-2000 twins and especially the new m&m boys, i still prefer dodgers, so it is too bad for me that motherscratcher has laid claim to the boys in blue in i am joe collector's monthly box breaks. that leaves me with the twins, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

here are some of the cards i received from the july break - 2009 ud spx and 2009 topps series 2.

spx joe mauer. much like finest, spx hasn't been seen in the stores and speakeasys i frequent. so, it's nice to get a mauer (and a morneau) this way.

toppstown joe mauer (bronze)
it is bronze, right?

toppstown joe mauer blue.
these cards remind me of mystery science theater 3000 with the silhouetted crowd. that would make mauer the star of a b-movie, 'revenge of the tall catchers that are too good of a hitter to spend their entire career behind the plate.'

here's the other 'm' - justin morneau on his spx.
believe it or not, i think morneau has passed russell martin on my list of favorite current canadian players.

turkey red justin morneau.
when i try to swing like morneau, with that one-handed loop he makes with the bat up over his head, it feels like my shoulder is doing things that it shouldn't.

carlos gomez black border parallel.
go go has two base cards this year - one in series one and one in series two. i don't know why.

career best auto carlos gomez. this is actually nicer than his ip auto, even if i don't know what the first character is. the second one is most likely a 'g' but even then i am not completely sure.

thanks for hosting the breaks, jeff, and motherscratcher, if you're reading, it wouldn't bother me if you missed a month (or several).


Anonymous said...

Nice Gomez card!!!

Motherscratcher said...

Hey dude, I added you to my list.

Let me know if you want to trade teams in the break.