27 August 2009

roll out the trade

ed at roll out the barrel recently sent some cards my way in exchange for some brewers and/or stuff he needed. it's been so long i don't recall exactly what i sent, but luckily ed posted about it so i can see what went his way. anyway, he sent me a bunch of cards i needed from 1989 upper deck, 2009 opc, 2009 topps and 2008 upper deck timeline. the opc stuff is put away, but here are a few of the others.

2009 topps kevin slowey too bad he's done for the year - the twins could really use him right now.

2009 topps noah lowryegads, a giant! it's a set need, that's all. he has the same look on his face as slowey.

2008 ud timeline jose reyes i was just trying to finish this subset, but i think i might try for the whole set.

2008 ud timeline alexei ramirez is it a double play turn? i can't tell.

1989 upper deck matt williams another giant.

1989 upper deck frank viola (twins checklist) sweet music. the twins could probably use him right now, too.

and 2009 topps james loney with the giants forced to the background, as it should be.

thanks ed! let's do it again sometime - i promise to get things posted quicker!

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

You're right, the Twins could use Viola right now, even if he's 75 and over the hill. They're pretty banged up.