09 July 2009

upper deck was far from perfect

i have always enjoyed season highlight/record breaker cards. they were the first cards in the very first set i collected - 1978 topps. i have some sort of affinity towards them, especially the vintage ones since topps and upper deck have been pretty loose with the idea of what constitutes a highlight these days.

anyway, back in 1995, upper deck decided to combine the highlight cards with set checklists in their collector's choice se release. one of those cards was this kenny rogers highlight card.
i remember watching the last couple of innings of this game in a bar in newport beach. rogers really stuck it to the angels that night. but wait a minute, upper deck is claiming that it was the first ever perfect game by a left-hander! say what? whachoo talkin' 'bout richard mcwilliam?

ever hear of sandy koufax? back in 1965 he threw a perfect game against the cubs. i can hear vin scully calling it: '2 and 2 to harvey kuenn. koufax into his windup and here's the pitch. swung on and missed! a perfect game!' this was 29 years prior to rogers' gem.

i also should point out that tom browning, another lefty, threw a perfect game (against the dodgers) in 1988, a mere 6 years before the gambler did so.

to make matters worse, they perpetuated the error on the back of rogers' base card.

just to make things more interesting, they also credited rogers with 110 wins in 1990. now that would have been a record!

here's to you, upper deck editors!

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steveisjewish said...

was rogers the first in the american league maybe?