14 July 2009

no one is going to read this post

just like no one is going to read this blog. actually, i did read the blog, but only after jeremy contacted me with an offer to send me some needs from my 2009 topps want list. i offered to reciprocate with some 2009 topps turkey red inserts, and the deal was done. here's some of what i received:

first off, there was this awesome modified dodgers logo. awesome. next up, a few of the 2009 topps:

lance berkman
one of the next generation of killer b's, although he might be the only one there now. berkman was my favorite non-dodger for a couple years. he looks like a righteous dude.

former dodger draft pick and non-signee, luke hochevar
have you seen that family guy episode where the movie trailer guy tries to pronounce jim caviezel's name? that's what some of the radio guys here sounded like last week when hochevar was pitching against the twinkies. ho-chee-ver? ho-sha-ver? ho-ka-var?

former dodger mark hendrickson.
the former nba-er is taller than the light standards behind him!

curtis granderson.
i like this card. you can feel the speed and action as he rounds third.
and some dodgers:

1992 fleer dennis cook.
oh, to be a lefty pitcher. cook played for 15 seasons, including one-and-a-half for the dodgers. in 1991, he gave up just one run in 17.2 innings for the blue. that was his season.

2008 topps randy wolf.
wolf signed with the padres after his one season in la. i guess it was too late for topps to change his 2008 card. they did include him in the update set, but as an astro since the pads traded him to houston in mid-season. now he's back with the dodgers as his 2009 topps card shows.

2006 topps update & highlights derek lowe and rafael furcal team leaders.
hopefully furky has a better second half.

thanks jeremy! now go read his blog - he found some cool random slides at a flea market. check it out.


Jeremy said...

haha. I love it!! Very funny title. I might have some more Dodgers laying around if you're interested. Thanks for linking to my blog.

Dusto Magnifico said...

I frequently read this blog... I love the Dodgers, and only because of my father do I have an affiliation with Dodger merchandise/collectors items. I recently picked up a signed Adrian Beltre jersee on ebay for 25 bucks. I liked him when he was with LA and even now as a Manriner. Best defensive 3B in baseball.