03 July 2009

rick monday saves the flag - the card that should have been!

it was back in april of 1976 that rick monday, playing center field for the visiting chicago cubs, rescued an american flag from a couple of would-be flag burners on the field at dodger stadium.

topps missed a great opportunity to comemmorate the occasion the following year, in my opinion. i mean, they could celebrate chewing gum in 1976, why not this? so, here is my 'card that should have been' - the 1977 topps turn back the clock rick monday. i did it as a 'turn back the clock' because 1977 topps had 'record breakers' rather than 'season highlights'. i suppose monday set a record for most on-field flag burning attempts foiled, career. in all seriousness, i salute rick monday. you can read more about the events of that day here.

here's to you mo! have a happy and safe 4th of july everyone!


MattR said...

That really should have been part of the 1977 set.

Penos Cabell said...

Very nice. It was a very brave thing Rick Monday did.

thewritersjourney said...

This may be the best custom card I've ever seen. Kudos.