20 July 2009

if you blinked, you missed it

yes, craig counsell was once a dodger. in fact, this 2000 pacific crown collection card may be the only card showing him in the dodger uniform, wearing maury wills' number, no less. the 1997 world series hero had a disappointing 1998 season for the marlins, and was having an even worse 1999 campaign when they traded him to the dodgers for aptbnl (ryan moskau). he played a little better for the dodgers, but that's all relative. in 50 games he hit .259 with an ops of .626.

the dodgers released him during spring training 2000, and the diamondbacks picked him up. his first two years in arizona were pretty good, and he won another world series in 2001 there. currently, this short-time dodger is with the brewers, and 1999 continues to be the worst season of his career.

thanks craig!

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