05 July 2009

things really are bigger in texas

never mind that this card came from kansas, home of texas rangers cards. it's still big. it's a 1993 upper deck eric karros 5-year anniversary card.

measures about 3x5. it was one of many great cards i received in return for a bunch of rangers i sent. here are some more of my return:

2009 upper deck goudey vladimir guerrero

i like these cards, even if they show vlad swinging as a lefty, in pinstripes, and standing in a puddle of what may well be urine.

1984 topps dusty baker. johnnie b. just keeps on ticking.

1989 fleer jeff hamilton. i like to think that hamilton keeps tony larussa awake at night. meaning that larussa can't believe he lost a world series to a team that featured jeff hamilton as its third baseman.

1993 topps gold michael moore rookie card. also cliff floyd. moore was the dodgers' 1st round pick in the 1992 draft. he spent the next 14 years in the minors, including 3 at aaa, but never made it to the big leagues. not for lack of trying, though. meanwhile, cliff floyd's career was seriously derailed by a bad wrist injury early on.

1987 topps franklin stubbs. stubbs' 1986 season made greg brock expendable. eventually, stubbs would supplant brock in milwaukee as well. franklin hit .294 in the 1988 world series. good times.

2007 upper deck luis gonzalez. gonzo may well be my least favorite dodger. i disliked greg brock, but that was only because he had the misfortune of taking over for steve garvey. it wasn't really about brock. gonzo, on the other hand...

finally, a post-2000 twin. justin morneau on a 2008 topps updates & highlights card. raise your hand if you have already forgotten that josh hamilton didn't win the home run derby.

thanks spiff!

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Spiff said...

Glad you enjoyed the cards and could use a few of them.