22 July 2009

the body politic

while jesse 'the body' ventura 'aint got time to bleed', he does have time to follow the minnesota twins, as evidenced by this 2005 donruss insert. i had been in minnesota for just over a year when ventura was voted in as governor. the campaign commercials he released leading up to the election were pretty entertaining, and his strategy of sitting back and watching the other two candidates bicker and turn off the voters during the debates helped him win.

one of his opponents in that election was (then) saint paul mayor norm coleman, who went on to win a senate seat by defeating walter mondale (after senator wellstone died in a plane crash) and then lose it to al franken. poor norm - beaten by a wrestler and a comedian.

anyway, i did see jesse at opening night in 1999, so he's at least been to a game. i'm not sure where he is these days - maybe on a beach in mexico - but wherever he is, you can be sure he's avoiding those media jackals.

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Slette said...

You're actually 100% right - he was on the Opie and Anthony Show last month and said he's living on a beach in Mexico because the taxes are much lower down there.

Ventura as Governor, Franken as Senator... proof Minnesotans will vote for anybody. *sigh*