17 September 2009

twins autograph party fail redeemed with a dave goltz through the mail success!

so what if it took just shy of three months for dave goltz to sign and return the cards i sent to him. he still signed 'em, right? way back in june i posted about the twins autograph party and how stoked i was to see an unannounced dave goltz sitting at the table with rod carew and then how disappointed i was when i got to the table and goltz had pulled a keyser soze.

today in my mailbox, in a sase cancelled through fargo were my blurry 1982 fleerand a nice looking 1978 topps.

i have been targeting dodgers who also had a 1978 topps card for ttm lately, and this fits right in. i smell a monster post coming up soon, but for now, i'll let goltz have the floor to himself.

thanks dave!

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Collective Troll said...

I have over 300 TTMs pending, so I don't even curse guys anymore who keep me waiting for months and months, but I DO get SO EXCITED when I get one back! I only have a few signed 78's, that Goltz looks great! I love signed cards of guys signing!