28 September 2009

revisiting my magnificent 7

thanks to ebay, sportlots, a fellow blogger, the local card shop, and even beckett's marketplace, my magnificent 7 (which had swelled to a nefarious 9) has been dramatically reduced in size.

gone are #1 (2003 topps tribute perennial all-star #10 roberto clemente) thanks to the local card shop, #2 (1976 topps #5 tom seaver record breaker) thanks to sportlots, #5 (1974 opc #575 steve garvey) thanks to ebay, and #7 (1997 dodgers mother's bill russell) thanks to the beckett marketplace. #4 (1975 topps #473 ken mcmullen) is being held for me by captain canuck, so i hope to officially remove it from the list very soon.

i guess it's time to add some new cards to the list.

1 (up from 3 last time) - 2003 upper deck vintage #81 kazuhisa ishii - a short print in this awesome 1965 topps knock-off set.

2 (up from 6) - 2008 topps heritage high numbers #696 mark sweeney - a late season issue, and a short print at that.

3 (up from 8) - 1976 sspc #594 checklist 6 (ralph branca, carl erskine, pee wee reese). some nice oldtimers from a non-descript set.

4 (up from 9) - 1977 topps cloth sticker checklist (national league all-stars, middle card, middle row).

5 - 1982 donruss ron cey. not sure how or why, but i am missing this guy from my dodgers team set.

6 - 1972 o-pee-chee gil hodges.

7 - 2004 fleer greats of the game steve garvey/vin scully. i have one in my garvey collection, but would love to try to get a dual ttm thing going.

7a (down from 4) - 1975 topps #473 ken mcmullen. soon to be deleted from this list.

so, there you have it. any help would be appreciated.

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night owl said...

I have the Sweeney card for you. I'm not sure about the Donruss Cey. That's one I got autographed. I'll see if I have another spare.