03 September 2009

reggie smith ebay auto success!

here is yet another 1978 topps dodger auto i have bought on ebay. reggie is not known to be a ttm signer, and i don't know what he's doing since being let go as the dodgers' hitting coach anyway. the auto is in ball point, and i choose to believe it is legit. so there.

reggie was acquired from the cardinals for joe ferguson and a couple of minor leaguers during the 1976 season. he finished 4th in the mvp voting in both 1977 and 1978 and was one of the four 30 home run hitting teammates in 1977. he was a part time player due to injury in 1980 and 1981, and then he played his final season (1982) with the giants.

this is the 14th piece in my modest 1978 topps dodgers autograph project.
here's the tally:

team card
dusty baker
glenn burke
terry forster
steve garvey
ed goodson
burt hooton
tom lasorda
dave lopes
rick monday
rick rhoden
reggie smith - ebay success!
elias sosa
don sutton
steve yeager
nlcs (davey lopes)

14/29 = 48%

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