04 September 2009

jack morris in person auto success!

big thanks to bad wax for alerting me to the jack morris signing last weekend. it was literally right in my own backyard (ok, not literally, but pretty darn close). alexi casilla was also in town, but i decided not to go for him since i have obtained his autograph in the past.

anyway, it was a relatively low turnout, and within 10 minutes i had three cards signed by black jack.

first, his 1978 topps cardvery nice. he signed over his name, but i doubt i will ever pursue any of the other three. i am slowly building a small collection of 1978 topps autographs, beyond the modest 1978 topps dodgers autograph project.

2004 upper deck legends timeless teamshe chose not to sign over the year, which is fine by me. i have a mixture of certified and ttm/ip autos from this set. it's a really good set for signatures.

i also asked jack to sign one of the twins issued cards that he brought along.i also have a tony oliva one and i think i have a tom kelly around here too.

i have not been able to get jack's auto before at twinsfest or the annual autograph party, so this was a great event. thanks again chemgod!


Tony said...

Nice! Was there a charge for Jack Morris? I have him on a ball, but I would love to get him on something Blue Jays related.

zman40 said...

Nice one!